Manual data reconciliations benefit no organization. Personnel spend countless hours authenticating the data only to repeat the effort each time the data from the underlying systems change.  This wasted effort drains your company of valuable time and all that effort could be better utilized in analysis; yielding greater profits.

UniversalRecon℠ provides real-time differences by data source, so the users can quickly fix errors between systems and data sources.

UniversalRecon℠ eliminates the manual effort of data reconciliation; allowing you to focus on tasks that are value-added to your organizations bottom line.

UniversalRecon℠ can be implemented in less than a week.  Products compared to UniversalRecon℠ are much more limited in their functionality and take months to implement at a much higher cost.

UniversalRecon℠  saves five days, each month off existing close and management reporting cycles.

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