AppScaffold℠ cuts the total time and cost of EVERY application build or upgrade by approximately 37%.

No other software vendors provide this tool, nor do they have a comparable product, so do not let anybody try to mislead you.  

Insist that your consultants and staff use AppScaffold, on every project so they do not waste your money or time.  

We automate two extremely expensive and wasteful parts of the application build: 

  1. Metadata reconciliations.

  2. The reconciliation between the legacy data and the new system.  

Taken together these very manual process cost 37% of average project cost, which now can be automated.

12.5% is clawed back on wasted steps in the metadata build.


AppScaffold ℠  eliminates wasteful and iterative steps within the metadata build.  


Evolving details are where design plans fall apart in most cases.  


Our software instantly:


  1. Validates the dimensions assumptions.

  2. Validates the accounts, department, cost center roll ups…

  3. Confirms the mapping is true / false and provides the error point so it can be resolved.

  4. Validates prototypes & app. designs, so that “Snake Bites” are avoided.

Proves to clients and user management  that the logic is correct, before a penny goes into design.

24.5% is clawed back on data and report reconciliations between the old system and the new system.


This is always an expensive and frustrating process, unless you use the proper software tool.


Leaders try their best by assigning lots of staff and consultants, but the reconciliation of accounts & data falls apart on most projects for two reasons:


  1. Leaders do not apply the staff with the right skills & temperament. 

  2. There are never enough people with the right skills to do this work regardless of price!


We automate all reconciliations, for accounts, data, and reporting.   For the users, we detail the exact error or “finding” so that it can be fixed.  This gets projects done on time, on budget and with assurance that the data is correct.

AppScaffold℠ is very affordable, because it rents by the month, just like any other tool, and it buys you the most precious resource of all – time.  

You can try AppScaffold℠ for free, just contact us and we will discuss.