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More detail on Metadata Reconciliations and
Data Reconciliations:

Metadata Reconciliations:

AppScaffold eliminates wasteful and iterative steps

within the metadata build.


Our software instantly:

1. Validates the dimensions assumptions.
2. Validates the accounts, department, cost center

roll ups…
3. Confirms the mapping is true / false and provides

the error point so it can be resolved.

4. Validates prototypes and app. designs, so that “Snake Bites” are avoided.

Proves to clients and user management that the logic is correct before a penny goes into the design phase.


Data Reconciliations:

Every client knows this is an ugly part of any project because even the consulting firm, who is normally looking for billing opportunities, does not want this part of the task!

They view any money they make on this work as not worth it because it creates friction with the client.

Clients commonly underestimate the quality of their data, the difficulty to reconcile, the number and seniority level of staff needed to do this work. The result is unnecessary friction as clients find that this effort was not budgeted, and consulting firms do their best to avoid blame for the data not reconciling.

It has historically never been a pleasant job to do, but we fixed it.

We automate all reconciliations, for accounts, data, and reporting. For the users, we detail the exact error or “finding” so that it can be fixed. This gets projects done on time, on budget and with assurance that the data is correct.

AppScaffold  like any construction tool rents by the month, so you only pay for the time you need it.

Try AppScaffold for free and you will never manually recon. data ever again.

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