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UniversalReconSM for Oracle ERP & EPM Products

Financial Systems Administrators have a very tough job of reconciling data between Oracle’s ERP line up and tools like HFM / Planning / FCCS / PBCS / Essbase… and other reporting tools.


We solve that important and time sensitive problem with a simple to use tool that provides assurance that goes far beyond, “Kick-out” reports, record counts and Excel based matching.

We take the next step to make sure:

  1. Somebody did not create an account in a source system that impacts Oracle or the downstream EPM and reporting systems.

  2. Mapping nightmares do not occur.

  3. Contra Account logic issues do not impact reporting.

  4. Changes in historical data that nobody told you about are discovered easily.

  5. Metadata issues like properly defining account types i.e., Assets / Liabilities…are as expected.

  6. You can identify naming changes that can sometimes make data disappear.

  7. Dimension validation assumptions are in alignment.

  8. Account roll-up validations are in alignment.

Try UniversalRecon for free and you will never manually recon. data ever again.

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