Our implementations only take about 4 days.   This has a massive impact on keeping project costs affordable, and your cost of ownership low.

In our model, all you need to provide to our certified partners is:

  1. The location of the data.

  2. A JSON or CSV or SQL.

  3. A read only extract to a location like Share Point, One Drive or a FTP and you are done! 


We already did the rest of the work!

Putting UniversalRecon℠ to work is very easy and requires no coding, our parameters are designed to avoid failure and make this process very easy. 

Architecture / Security:

Our software is on a very secured cloud.  It is “White Listed” and we leverage your company’s VPN to keep your data safe. 

“White Listed” means that those who attempt to gain service access cannot even see or find our software.  If somebody somehow knocks on our applications front door, nothing happens on the intruder’s side, no 404 error, nothing, this hides the site and the page stays white. The intruder will usually think they have a browser problem and move on.   If they attempt to knock on our applications front door again, then their IP address is blocked.  Our software will not interact with a blocked IP address. 


We also leverage your own VPN. To get to UniversalRecon℠ the user must come in via your corporate VPN, we block the direct path.


Server Security:


These Servers use 3 Tiers of Security over and above the Client VPN, Encryption and network security.

LAN White Lists -This is used in tandem with encryption. The servers are told to respond only to Client IP addresses. Client IP Addresses are configured into the server. Access can only be gained through use of a Clients IP which means the client IP security goes back to their own network to manage to prevent spoofing and faking as it would be in any normal network environment.


Program White Lists - A white list of software, only titles on the list will be accepted for use. The benefits of white listing in this instance are that the organization can ensure itself that users will not be able to download and/or use programs that have not been deemed appropriate for use.


Application White Lists - The approach was first implemented in a modern operating system by Dr. John Harrison, an American computer scientist. Some deem this superior to the standard signature-based, anti-virus approach of blocking/removing known harmful software (essentially black listing), as the standard approach generally means that exploits are already in the wild. These products may provide administrative control over program white lists in addition to preventing introduction of new malware. 


White List Summary - This means that the servers are configured to respond to only Client Registered IP Addresses, agreed upon Programs and Agreed Upon applications.

Data Transference Decryption - All data moves in an Encrypted fashion over and above the VPN encryption. The Encrypted key is comprised of a ‘Salt’ that include the user random generated token and system generated token. Decryption takes place on the end user network interfaced browser only. If traffic could be intercepted, that traffic does not contain the two factor 128-bit encryption or decryption key. The decryption key resides on a Client Based Network Interfaced machine only. Each users’ decryption key is unique. The decryption key is updated on a random interval. The application will install this with first use by the client user on the client network.

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