We eliminate the effort, frustration and time that is squandered reconciling data and accounts between data sources and data targets. 

In business terms, we reconcile the accounts and data between the feeder systems and the summarized view of that data.  We even reconcile the errors that appear based on alternate roll ups of the same data.

Alternate hierarchy roll up reconciliations for management reporting are a vexing problem that just squander resources – we fix that.

UniversalRecon’s changes the broken work flow of these existing activities and shortens the monthly, quarterly, annual reconciliation process and close cycles. 

Savings on a 10- person finance team amount to over USD$20,000 per month in existing squandered staff cost.

We provide exactly what you are looking for: Amount of differences, per account, by source system, with transaction ID details.   

Five common use case examples of where we can eliminate the ugly part of the reconciliation process:

  1. Reconciling revenue for the same products but for separate customers, with multiple hierarchies, ragged hierarchies… from analytic reporting / OLAP systems.

  2. Reconciling financial close data from multiple sub ledgers up to the consolidations layer or summarized budgeting layer for systems like: Hyperion, HFM, FCCS, BPC, OneStream, Host, Anaplan, Tagetik, Adaptive Insights, Board, IBM, TM1, Cognos, and Prophix…

  3. Intercompany reconciliations.

  4. SalesForce.com, supply chain, inventory…to commission systems… reconciliations.

  5. We automate the identification of SOX, GAAP and IFRS thresholds.

  6. Bank statement reconciliations can be easily automated so you can instantly know your cash position any time you want it.













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