The Myth of Unstructured Reporting Data.


Many of you have been fed lies by consultants & software reps that a combination of old tools and lots of billable hours can magically help you make sense of what is often called unstructured reporting data.


Do not fall for the Lies!

We say there is no such thing as unstructured reporting data AND it can be fixed without replacing your existing software tools!

There are only software companies who have not kept up with the evolution of better, faster, cheaper software products.   Part of this lie are the consultants who have built business models around obsolete software that harvest money from your company.  Some know better but are too busy stuffing their pockets with your company’s money!

So, how is the unstructured reporting data myth described?

Unstructured data is described as data that does not fall into the pre-defined data model that some software companies decided was a proper back in the 1990’s when their software was invented. 

So, anything different than what does not match their 1990’s model is dismissed as unstructured and they hope you believe them! 

Making that data structured by THEIR definition with old software tools means the customer must spend a lot of money on consultants AND software then even more money in the future with headcount to keep it all working.

We are the heretics of that false data cult and we have proven it time & time again.   We can take any reporting data that would make common software vendors pray for mercy and make it useful with QuickAppsm.

It is just a matter of understanding the relationships of the data and looking for common elements that get you on a path to logical relationships.  Just because the data does not fit an old cell & box structure does not make it unstructured; it is simply different, and we thrive on what is different.

We free you from a predefine data model, so you can avoid the shame and expense of rebuilds.


We especially like to work with ragged hierarchies because they torment old software companies.


With our software there is no need to do any perverse coding to get ragged hierarchies to work, nor perverse & expensive coding to change that ragged hierarchy after your business evolves.  

Our software does not create ANY metadata we do not even have that old concept, because it slows the speed of thought and cannot adapt to change.

So, if you are ready to evolve past the broken rules you learned from other reporting and data products, then just tell us what you want to see, we can make it happen with NO coding, NO ETL, No difficulty and at a price point you can afford and deliver true Mondrian cubes in hours not months.

The best part is that you need NOT replace your current software. Our software is a utility that just force your existing software to work like it should.  



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