All financial and operational system changes need to be properly documented and authorized to be considered SOX compliant.  SOX in a BOX℠ will ensure 100% compliance for all system changes.


The current process at most organizations is to produce of list of all changes for a given time interval, usually quarterly, and your auditors (internal and external) pick random samples to test.  Then corporate staff are asked to provide support for that change to ensure it was done in a SOX compliant manner.  


That old process is obsolete because we can now interrogate entire applications and deliver authorization documentation automatically in seconds.  This significantly reduces audit risk and renders the current paradigm of sample testing: costly, ineffective, obsolete and dangerous.


SOX in a BOX℠ is so user friendly that it allows anyone to be able to review any application and ensure that the change has been recorded, has proper supporting documentation, and approval in real time.


SOX in a BOX℠ saves financial, operational and systems leaders from compliance issues because it can monitor all changes and alerts them of changes while providing them with the opportunity to identify any incomplete change in the process and correct them BEFORE they turn into audit findings.


SOX in a BOX℠, deploys in hours, with no coding and eliminates the need for substantive testing since all changes are fully SOX compliant.


Internal audit departments also benefit from SOX in a BOX℠ as it allows them the capability to efficiently monitor all application systems within their IT enterprise organization dynamically, allowing their teams to focus on more critical/urgent items.