QuickApp℠ leverages and forces the reporting tools

you already own to be more flexible and powerful so you

can skip manual steps, significantly cut costs, and get the

accurate reporting you need with less effort. 





You do not need to replace the reporting systems you already developed and paid for.

You just need QuickApp to renovate instead of replacing them.


Here is why it is so powerful. 



  1. Creates analytic cubes with no coding. This slashes delivery time and costs.

  2. Has NO Metadata nor ETL requirement whatsoever. This makes reporting much more adaptable to change.

  3. Can add new dimensions to existing tools like Essbase, TM1, SSAS…on the fly with No rebuild nor coding. This slashes delivery time and costs.

  4. Eliminates redundant cubes because we are not limited by older technology that forces clients to pick a workforce planning or expense-based application...or any other perverse limitation.  

  5. Eliminates perversions like having to manipulate data with VLOOKUPS to obtain different views of the data to support the needs of a diverse user community.

  6. Automatically creates and renders MDX code that can be immediately used in reporting tools like: OBIEE, Qlik, Tableau, PowerBI, Essbase, TM1…so you will never pay anybody to write MDX code ever again. 

  7. Eliminates the need to ever perform any hierarchy maintenance ever again.  This has a massive impact on both productivity and cost savings. 

  8. Adds Calcs. on the fly to existing cubes with no coding, and at the speed of thought. 

  9. Talks to any system that uses JDBC.  So, we talk to SQL, Excel, Postgres…text files…anything. 


What is also so striking about the tool is that we NEVER take possession of the data.   The data stays in your network, this is critical to your data security and compliance paradigm.

The magic here is that we use mathematical algorithms to leverage your existing data stores and it is so fast that it “Dashboards” what you need to see. 


From the cloud, we just send commands to your existing, apps, databases, and cubes to fetch the datapoints needed for reporting.  We then present it in the view each user requires all inside your current network, so the results are accurate, and compliance is maintained. 


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