Analytic Accelerator


​Analytic Accelerator   is not an ETL tool – there are

already plenty of ETL tools and they are all too



Analytic Accelerator ℠  is an extremely powerful tool

because it transforms normal BI tools by giving them

the ability to calculate. We do this without the need for data migration nor a separate staging repository.


This has a significant impact on lowering not only implementation costs, but also the normal evolutionary growth associated with user requirements. 


Analytic Accelerator℠ automates the creation of high-level code including MDX, SQL…etc. code by reading the sub ledgers and systems, this speeds delivery of dashboard and BI reporting to users, who need them to drive margin now!


​Additionally, Analytic Accelerator℠ code created can be re-used and linked to other MDX, SQL… code, making individual analytic applications even more affordable and quicker to build. 


Finally, Analytic Accelerator℠ can connect data from competing products so that companies can leverage their investments without the duplication of effort.

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