It is just a matter of time until FCCS will run slow enough to annoy you, our utility fixes that in about two weeks and we guarantee it!


You probably have noticed that some cloud-based consolidation tools like FCCS run slower and slower every month?  

It is all due to the design of the Essbase calculation engine that your consolidation tool sits upon.  

Unfortunately, FCCS will continue to get slower & slower every month. Then slower every quarter and year because every layer of data adds weight and it just slows the process down more every month.  Adding hardware helps but that is expensive and does not solve the real problem.  

We solved that speed problem with our Consolidation Accelerator ℠ utility.   

Consolidation Accelerator℠ is just a better, faster calc. engine that pre-calculates data in a more efficient manner before it is moved to FCCS. 

FCCS can then do its job and apply all the cool financial logic needed to do a consolidation or sub-consolidation quickly.  













The way it works is that the ledger data is first fed into Consolidation Accelerator, which does the heavy crunching of the data then the data rolls to FCCS where your business rules can be applied, and the consolidation is then done quickly.  

As part of the process, we also automate the reconciliation between the source systems and FCCS so you can cut your close time by 25%.

The ROI on our software is about two weeks and the product is working before you buy it, so the risk is zero!