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Answer Factory Software

Answer Factory drives profitability by automating recurring
manual reconciliation steps for daily financial operations. It also
eliminates up to 37% of any application implementation or

development processes. 

Our software cuts wasted time, costs and effort associated with
reconciling both data and metadata. This manual task can now
be automated, so professional staff can focus on improving the

business instead of janitorial bookkeeping tasks.


UniversalRecon solves the inescapable problem that every finance or operations person has: The disfunction that occurs when data and metadata elements move between systems.

Any company that uses software from different vendors, partners, and customers, has a reconciliation task if they are lucky, but more likely a particularly challenging problem.


Recons not only cost a great deal of money and time to service; they also create a friction point that can damage relationships with customers, vendors, and the reputations of you and your staff.

Reconciliations are villains that prey on your team every day!

We solved that problem by automating recons so they can never hurt you again and our software pays for itself within hours of use, so almost any company can afford to end this madness.

App Scaffold

AppScaffold is a tool that automates and cuts the cost of all application implementations and upgrades by up to 37% with one simple utility.

Implementing software is an expensive endeavor. Even the smallest projects cost tens of thousands of dollars; many projects cost millions of dollars.


With AppScaffold, you can cut the cost and time to complete systems projects by up to 37% so there is no going back to manual methods!


AppScaffold does that by automating:

1. Metadata Reconciliations.
2. Data reconciliations between the new systems and the old one.

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